iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns | Ars Technica

cache hit 1167:single/related:d5f16d9fcf20b60755becc1a3f964ce4 empThe imminent changes of the privacy settings of the iOS 14 will severely limit Facebook’s ability to track users’ activity across their app ecosystem and the Internet as a whole using the IDFA. Ultimately, this will prevent Facebook from showing targeted ads to users inside other, non-Facebook apps on iPhones. In a […]


Subscription or no subscription?

Subscription or no subscription? Companies selling Apps face a tough decision. One one hand, customers don’t like to add another monthly subscription, because they already have so many. They question if an App subscription is really worth it, even if it’s only a few dollars. On the other hand, App developers simply need to finance […]


Facebook begins merging Instagram and Messenger chats in new update

Facebook has started the “big merge” of their messaging platforms. It has rolled out a new feature on Instagram that allows users to chat with their friends on Facebook. The overall goal is to unify the messaging platforms of its hugely popular apps to allow cross-messaging among Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It remains to be […]


Does advertising without tracking cookies work?

Imagine a web without tracking cookies. Wouldn’t that be nice? You might argue that this isn’t feasible, because for all those nice free content and services, ads need to be very efficient to generate the highest possible click through rate. Ad tech companies like Google or Facebook, argue that microtargeting is the solution for publishers […]


ITEA3 PO Days 2020 – Ephemeral Computing Service Platform

We’re participating at this year’s ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days with a project idea centered around ephemeral computing. In fact, the working title of our proposal is Ephemeral Computing Service Platform (ECSP, pronounced XP) and we hope to attract partners from the ITEA community and maybe even beyond. Usually, the ITEA PO Days are a […]

Apple Cake

Apple demands cut from Airbnb and ClassPass

Apple has demanded to take a 30% cut of sales made in the apps of Airbnb and ClassPass for virtual experiences. ClassPass provides a booking service for classes at local gyms. But due to the global situation, gyms were forced to offer virtual classes instead and ClassPass went on passing 100 percent of sales directly […]


Was bringt eine App an Umsatz?

Eine App kostet Geld, keine Frage. Aber was bringt eine App überhaupt an Umsatz? Ab wann zahlt es sich aus, auf eine eigene App zu setzen? Am Beispiel des Buchhandels kann man deutlich den tatsächlichen Wert einer App erkennen. Als Vergleichsmetrik verwenden wir Umsatz pro User und vergleichen die unterschiedlichen Plattformen miteinander: App: 33 € […]


Kostenlose Kurzberatung

Mit Hilfe der WKO Niederösterreich können Sie eine IKANGAI Kurzberatung kostenlos in Anspruch nehmen. Das funktioniert so: SIE zahlen die Grundumlage 2020 laut Vorschreibung ein. SIE investieren das 1 ½-fache dieser Summe in eine Kurzberatung von IKANGAI. SIE bekommen dafür max. 100% Ihrer Grundumlage +50% Bonus rückerstattet. Was bekommen Sie im Rahmen der Kurzberatung von uns? Sie erhalten […]