Direct to Consumer

What Is Direct to Consumer Marketing?

Direct-to-consumer marketing (D2C) is promoting and selling a product or service directly to consumers. This cuts out the need for any intermediaries, since you as a company have direct contact with your customers. This strategy is rapidly gaining popularity since the business landscape is starting to change. One reason is that by cutting out the […]

Data processing

5 Data Processing Challenges Resolved for Data Scientists

Data processing is an essential step in analyzing large volumes of data and get the right insights to make key business decisions. Not only are data scientists expected to find ways to wade through the vast volume of data that businesses are receiving every day, but they also have to put it together in ways […]


Keeping your Online Data Private in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020 and it resulted in several entities relying heavily on the internet. The effects of COVID-19 have spilled into 2021 with social distancing techniques still in play. Since almost everyone is using the internet nowadays, some problems have arisen. Controversies Surrounding Online Privacy The most important one is the issue […]


Why to keep your contacts safe from Apps

Apps that ask for accessing your contacts should be viewed with a very critical eye. To illustrate this, let me tell you a story. Sue and Joe are good friends since their days at college. However, Joe recently got into conspiracy theories and even joined a network of conspiracy theorists. They use an app to […]



Clubhouse is the latest app hype. The app is what is known as proximity chat where you can talk with all kind of people. Getting in is not that easy, because you can only join by invitation and only if you have an iPhone, no Android users can become members so far. Anyone who has […]

Was ist die beste Messenger Alternative für Medien?

Die angekündigte Änderung der Datenschutzbestimmungen von WhatsApp hat zu einem Exodus der Benutzer zu alternativen Messengerplattformen geführt. Das is keine Überraschung, da WhatsApps Mutterunternehmen Facebook an Daten und deren Verwertung interessiert ist. Faceboook hat dies in der jüngsten Vergangenheit getan, als sie Unternehmen gezwungen haben, ihre WhatsApp Business-API zu verwenden. Im Gegenzug gaben viele Unternehmen […]


Data Mining Techniques that Can Improve Your Business

Data mining is one of the most important tasks for a business to get a firm handle on. Large amounts of data are retrieved from a variety of sources and put into a centralized database. Certain data mining techniques can even be used to identify patterns before the information is put into the system. In […]


How much revenue does an app generate?

The answer is of course: it depends on your business :-). But with a decent app you can generate a good amount of revenue. Let me give you a real world example from an SME. The app I’m referring to was updated in 2017 with new features. During the first few months until the end […]