What is Consciousness?

In The Feeling of Life Itself, Christof  Koch offers a straightforward definition of consciousness as any  subjective experience, from the most mundane to the most exaltedthe  feeling of being alive.

The Brain matters

How can the brain, three pounds of  highly excitable matter, a piece of furniture in the universe, subject  to the same laws of physics as any other piece, give rise to subjective  experience?

Integrated Information Theory

Koch describes how the Integrated Information Theory explains  many facts about the neurology of consciousness and how it has been used  to build a clinically useful consciousness meter.

Consciousness is Widespread

The theory predicts that many, and  perhaps all, animals experience the sights and sounds of life;  consciousness is much more widespread than conventionally assumed.

Computers won't have Consciousness

Contrary to received wisdom, however, Koch argues that programmable computers will not have consciousness.  Even a perfect software model of the brain is not conscious.