Six big digital trends to watch in 2022

Change & Chance

2021 was a year of transformation: people, corporations and society  began to look ahead to influencing their futures rather than just surviving the present.

Social Media


All major social media  platforms will likely have updated their privacy policies and tweaked  their algorithms by the end of 2022. Due to the demand for strong,  engaging content, a new tribe of creative influencers will grow rapidly  and make a big impact on branding and engagement.

The Metaverse


The term refers to the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality. It is intrinsically linked to NFTs and  cryptocurrencies, which commercialise interactions by creating or  selling digital artefacts.

Crypto & NFT


NFTs are unique assets that can be bought and sold like any other. Digital tokens may be used to buy physical things such as real-life  paintings, or virtual assets like digital art, in-app purchases and even  virtual properties.

AI for HR Services


Labour shortages have led many organisations to use AI to broaden the way they evaluate and assess job applicants.This trend will accelerate as companies need to attract talent to be competetive.



5G and the new Wi-Fi 6 standard will enable faster connection – crucial if the world is to embrace these new digital trends. Smart cities, the internet of things, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications will benefit from increased connectivity.

New Skills


The shift in the division of labour between humans, computers and  algorithms could remove 75 million jobs while generating 133 million new ones. Data analysts, software engineers,  e-commerce specialists and social media specialists will be in high demand.