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Prompt engineering: is being an AI ‘whisperer’ the job of the future?

As generative AI settles into the mainstream, growing numbers of courses and certifications are promising entry into the “hot job” of prompt engineering. Having skills in using natural language (such as English) to “prompt” useful content out of AI models such as ChatGPT and Midjourney seems like something many employers would value. But is it...

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Prompt Engineering: A seismic shift for Programming

The dynamic landscape of technology is marked by constant evolution, innovation, and shifts in paradigms. At its heart, the discipline of programming has been a foundational pillar, driving the revolution from the early days of punch cards to object-oriented design. Traditional programming, with its firm emphasis on structured logic, systematic processes, and deterministic outcomes, has...

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What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering or prompt programming is an interesting way to interact with GPT-3. It basically involves creating clever text-based scripts that make GPT-3 perform the tasks you desire. What is GPT3? GPT-3 is a language model by OpenAI. It generates AI-written text which can be virtually indistinguishable to human-written sentences and paragraphs, articles, short stories...

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