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How much does Content Marketing Cost?

Content is key to inbound marketing. Companies need to have content when potential customers contact them. Blog articles, social media posts, as well as white papers, ebooks, webinars, videos and newsletters, case studies, user guides and newsletters are all content that companies require to present themselves in the best possible light to potential customers. Many...

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The Paradox of Cloud Computing

The cloud is without doubt one of the most important platform shifts in computing history. Cloud has already had an impact on billions in IT spending. This is due to a powerful value proposition: infrastructure that can be used immediately at the right scale for the business, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency in both...

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How much does an app cost?

The answer is of course: “it depends”. This is certainly way too vague from a business perspective. To give you a ballpark estimation what app can cost, here’s a list of famous startups that got seed money to implement their ideas with apps: Uber: $200.000 Instagram: $500.000 Tinder: $485.000 Postmates: $750.000 Snap: 485.000$ Note that...

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