current Situation

Online-stores contain large amounts of high quality content that has been carefully curated. However this content often doesn't reach their target audience. Customers on the other hand are interested in new releases and expect interest driven updates.

Newsletters and and social media are often not able to get this information out to customers efficiently.


Customer Engagement


Personalized customer dialogue, mobile customer engagement and automatically generated campaigns

Mobile Customer Dialogue

qonnect® offers a new way to enrich the mobile customer experience with personalized messages, anywhere and any time.

Mobile Loyalty Cards

qonnect® offers convenient in-App loyalty cards. Physical cards can be completely replaced.


qonnect® automatically generates mobile campaigns from existing web content based on the personal interests of your customers.

Your Customer Decides

With qonnect® customers can easily manage their interests, set their subscriptions and have full control over notifications. It is completely up to your customers which notifications they receive. This way you can assure that the right campaign reaches the right audience.

Your Customer



Automated and manually customized campaigns


qonnect® uses existing web content to automatically generate appealing mobile campaigns.

RSS & Open-Graph

qonnect® supports a wide variety of standardized data formats like RSS and Open-Graph Meta-Data.


qonnect® Data Plug-Ins allows you to import content from a wide variety of sources

Customer App

iOS and Android - completely customized to fit your CI and individual needs


Planing, scheduling, detailed statistics and easy integration into existing systems



• automatically generated Campaigns

• detailed Statistics

• New Touch points

• mobile Customer Engagement


• More Customer Visits

• More Customer Satisfaction

• More Customer Loyalty

• More Web Traffic

• more revenue