Six big digital trends to watch in 2023

Change & Chance

2022 was a year of transformation: people, corporations and society  began to look ahead to influencing their futures rather than just surviving the present.

All in with AI


In 2023, artificial intelligence will finally find its place in  organizations. Businesses will start using AI for everything and anything.

New Tech Jobs 


The tech world will see new jobs. AI is the name of the game and prompting will become a thing.



In 2023, we’ll see a continued push toward making supply chains more transparent. The Green Deal of the EU provides the framework  for companies to work on products and services  that  are backed by more sustainable technology.

AI for HR Services


Labour shortages have led many organisations to use AI to broaden the way they evaluate and assess job applicants.This trend will accelerate as companies need to attract talent to be competetive.



5G and the new Wi-Fi 6 standard will enable faster connection – crucial if the world is to embrace these new digital trends. Smart cities, the internet of things, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications will benefit from increased connectivity.



In 2023 employees will start to feel the impact of AI as it  is rapidly changing businesses. While there will be new jobs, it's not clear if there will be enough work for all.