The Fantasy of Opting Out | The MIT Press Reader

In a world where the cost of opting out is getting constantly higher, the pressure of not to opt out is mounting. Almost every platform tells users that by opting out from cookies, link and click tracking, personal information, etc. they won’t be able to fully benefit from the platform (services). Some platforms even go so far, that opting out stops services altogether – even when there are no real technical reasons for that.

This brings us to the alternative: obfuscation. Actaully, we are surrounded by examples of obfuscation that we do not yet think of under that name. For example, teenagers on social media will often conceal a message in communications with their friends in a throwaway line or a song title surrounded by banal chatter.

Other than that there are a number of technical tools that help us with obfuscation in our own lives:

There is no simple solution to the problem of privacy, but we can start by small steps.

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