Edge Computing + Serverless Computing = Ephemeral Computing

What is Edge Computing? The concept of Edge Computing defines it as a networked computing component that resides at the periphery of the network. As such it functions as an interface between the network and the physical world. The “edge” can be composed of devices like cameras, sensors or actuators. Edge Computing is based on […]

Smart City Projekt XP

Im ITEA Projekt XP (Ephemeral Computing Service Plattform) wird eine digitale Plattform für Bürgerinnen und Bürger entwickelt. Eines der Hauptziele des Projektes ist die Einbindung von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern als aktive Beteiligte um die Plattform mitzugestalten. Dazu werden eigene (“No-Code”) Tools entwickelt um Services bzw. Apps auf der Plattform zu veröffentlichen. Diese Tools erfordern keinerlei […]

Ephemeral Computing Service Plattform

Many every day tasks involve the use of smartphones. From activating a smart home appliance, to buying tickets, to checking in at a venue – many of these short lived (“ephemeral”) activities require users to install a mobile App upfront to complete the task at hand. From the perspective of the user, installing a full […]


ITEA3 PO Days 2020 – Ephemeral Computing Service Platform

We’re participating at this year’s ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days with a project idea centered around ephemeral computing. In fact, the working title of our proposal is Ephemeral Computing Service Platform (ECSP, pronounced XP) and we hope to attract partners from the ITEA community and maybe even beyond. Usually, the ITEA PO Days are a […]