10 Essential Push Notification Strategies

Push notifications are an integral part of every app marketing strategy with 42% mobile users opting to have receive notifications enabled on their devices. What are push notifications? Push notifications are messages sent directly to users’ devices. They appear outside apps on their lock screen. Push notifications can be sent by app owners to users […]


Key Metrics for Mobile Apps

If you own a mobile app then you will certainly wonder what key metrics are important to track to understand the performance of your mobile app. But how can you tell if your numbers have a great or terrible performance? Mobile app analytics does not have to be difficult. We will discuss 6(+1) important mobile […]


Best Practises for App Onboarding

It is essential to keep users engaged and attract new customers in order to grow your app. It’s even more important to remain competitive in an ever-growing market. App onboarding is a great technique to ensure the success of your app, regardless of whether you are in the entertainment, Fintech or hospitality space. App onboarding […]


Omnichannel is where the customers are

Many businesses don’t realize that their customers are more advanced in terms of tech use than they (businesses) think. They use all kinds of communication and information channels at once: apps, blogs, email, chats, podcasts, social media, digital assistants. However, when I talk with businesses I often hear that such and such technology is certainly […]

Wie ersetzt man WhatsApp (from Facebook) Newsletter?

Die bevorstehende Umbennenung vom WhatsApp in WhatsApp from Facebook gibt die Richtung vor, in welche sich WhatsApp wohl in naher Zukunft entwicklen wird. Vieles deutet darauf hin, dass es eine gemeinsame Plattform geben wird. Über Änderungen an den AGBs und deren mögliche Auswirkungen kann nur spekuliert werden, aber es wird sicherlich Änderungen geben. Ein möglicher […]

WhatsApp Newsletter Ersatz mit Kostenkontrolle

Konfrontiert mit dem Ende von WhatsApp-Newslettern beginnen Unternehmen aktiv um Alternativen umzusehen. Das ist nicht ganz trivial, da WhatsApp-Newsletter bedingt durch die Marktmacht von WhatsApp ein enorm wertvolles Tool für die Kundenaktivierung waren. Die von WhatsApp angebotene Alternative ist kostenintensiv: pro Nachricht werden mehrere Cent verrechnet. Das summiert sich bei großen Newslettern mit mehreren tausend […]