The adverse Effects on Trust by App Stores

App stores from Apple and Google tout that they alone are the best place to download and install apps. Especially Apple is known for it’s approach to allow only Apps that went through a review process to be made available for download. Google is less strict and allows for the sideloading of apps from other […]


What’s a Good App Store Conversion Rate?

Marketers and app developers often refer to conversion rate (CVR), which is the percentage of app users who download your app from a store after viewing it’s page in the app store. But what is a good conversion rate for apps? What is the industry’s current gold standard for your segment? App Store Conversion and […]


AirPods – A Cornerstone for Agumented Audio Reality

Mobile phones were already a part of an etiquette revolution years before AirPods became popular. They went from being a novelty to a necessity in a short period of time. Mobile phones are part of our daily lives, and we touch them more than 2600 times per day. We treat them with a tenderness that […]

privacy settings

A quick iOS15 Privacy Settings Guide

Apple’s iOS 15 is now available publicly. With this release, Apple introduced new privacy settings which were controversial even before its official release. The child safety tools that Apple intended to include in the iOS 15 update were put on indefinite hold after privacy concerns. Apple has experienced a similar backlash, albeit because of a […]


Die wichtigsten neuen iOS 15 Features

Apple hat iOS 15 während seiner WWDC-Keynote-Präsentation im Juni vorgestellt. Es ist ein großes Update für iOS-Benutzer und bietet viele neue Funktionen. Wir haben eine Liste zusammengestellt, die die meisten Auswirkungen auf iPhone-Benutzer hat. Benachrichtigungen iOS 15 organisiert Benachrichtigungen für Sie neu. Mit einer Benachrichtigungszusammenfassung können Sie die verpassten Benachrichtigungen ganz einfach nachholen. Sie können […]

Was Apples EMail-Datenschutzänderungen für Ihre Mailingliste bedeuten

Sie haben wahrscheinlich schon von den Datenschutzänderungen von Apple gehört, die im September mit iOS 15 in Kraft treten werden. Diese Änderung wird erhebliche Auswirkungen auf Unternehmen haben, die Mailinglisten verwenden. Entscheidet sich ein Benutzer, den Datenschutz von Apple für E-Mails zu verwenden, deaktiviert Apple Mail die Tracking-Pixel in Apple Mail. Apple verbirgt auch IP-Adressen, […]


Initial IDFA Apocalypse Tidbits

Apple’s iOS 14.5 update requires apps to show users a prompt asking for their consent before tracking them across other apps and websites. It’s called App Tracking Transparency or ATT and has caused a considerable uproar of the online advertising community and juggernauts like Facebook. After the roll-out of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, initial numbers […]


Android on iOS

Samsung has published a new website called “iTest“. This webpage is aimed at iPhone users to give them a taste of Android. As an iPhone user, you’ll be asked to add the page to your home screen. This installs a Progressive Web App (PWA) that simulates an Android GUI and provides some demos of existing […]


Use Your Voice

Voice interfaces have been around for quite some time now. It started in the early 1950s with “Audrey” that could recognize numbers. Over the years, systems became more and more powerful, and in 2011 Apple brought Siri to the mobile phone mass market. A short and incomplete history In the history of voice interfaces, there […]