How to be a slower and more thoughtful news consumer |

Digital minimalist Cal Newport advocates a moderated information  consumption. Are you ready to join the attention resistance? It’s core principle is to embrace the concept of slow. It’s the right response to become more mindful in an age in which the digital attention economy is shoveling more and more clickbait toward us.
  1. Crucial to a slow news consumption habit is its ritualistic nature.

  2. Consider limiting your attention to the best of the best writers.

  3. If you’re interested in political and cultural issues, your experience can be enhanced by seeking out the best arguments against your position.

  4. Another important aspect of slow news consumption is the decisions you make regarding how and when consumption occurs.

  5. The key to embracing Slow Media is the general commitment to maximizing the quality of what you consume and the conditions under which you consume it.

Source: How to be a slower and more thoughtful news consumer |

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