Key Metrics for Mobile Apps

If you own a mobile app then you will certainly wonder what key metrics are important to track to understand the performance of your mobile app. But how can you tell if your numbers have a great or terrible performance? Mobile app analytics does not have to be difficult. We will discuss 6(+1) important mobile […]


Best Practises for App Onboarding

It is essential to keep users engaged and attract new customers in order to grow your app. It’s even more important to remain competitive in an ever-growing market. App onboarding is a great technique to ensure the success of your app, regardless of whether you are in the entertainment, Fintech or hospitality space. App onboarding […]


What are Core Web Vitals and why they are important?

Google’s recent response to online market trends was the introduction of Core Web Vitals, which is a new set of metrics. Over time, the keys to improving your search engine results page (SERP) ranking have improved. Site owners who want to rank well for relevant searches need to stay on top of Google’s algorithm which […]


What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is used by some brands and companies to evaluate and analyze the results of their digital strategy. Ok, what does this mean? Does one really need to strive for improvement? Is a high Domain Authority going to help rank higher on Google? The short answer is no. Although Domain Authority can be […]


Lessons from AmEx’s Member-Get-Member Program

Member-Get-Member programs are nothing new. Many companies are using it to get new customers by aksing their customers to advertise. In turn, customers get some benefits. AmEx’s Member-Get-Member program kicked off in 2011 as an easy way for members to refer their friends to AmEx in order to get a reward for doing so. However, […]


Was ist eine gute Absprungrate?

Die Absprungrate (englisch: Bounce Rate) ist jener Anteil von Besuchern einer Webseite, die die Webseite verlassen, ohne eine weitere Unterseite aufzurufen. Berechnung der Absprungrate Die Absprungrate errechnet sich durch diese Formel: alle Besuche mit nur einem Seitenaufruf dividiert durch alle Besuche der Webseite Eine Absprungsrate von 70% bedeutet, dass 70% aller Besucher der Webseite ohne […]


So löschen Sie den Browser Cache

Manchmal bleiben Webseiten einfach hängen und nichts geht mehr. In so einem Fall empfiehlt es sich den Browser-Cache zu löschen. Google Chrome Wenn Sie Google Chrome verwenden, dann drücken Sie die Tasten “Strg” + “Umschalt” + “Entf”. Es öffnet sich ein Fenster wo Sie auswählen können, welche Browserdaten Sie löschen können. Als erstes wählen Sie […]