Proximity Chat

During the pandemic we’ve gotten used to a primarily virtual social and work life. Meetings take place on platforms like Zoom or Jitsi and are working reasonable well. Watching your coworker with a video-stream is surprisingly effective and generates a kind of remote closeness. Online workouts do not involve sharing the same sweatty gym and […]

Move Over, Zoom—Voice Memos Are the Real Way to Stay in Touch | WIRED

The ongoing Covid pandemic stretches us to our limits. During the last months, many of us have been quarantining or (self-)isolating and working from home. The Aspen Institute has studied the effects and published several reports with the telling titles: “Lessons in Loneliness” and “Artificial Intimacy.” Bascially, there is no one size fits all technical […]

WhatsApp will let you shop directly from chats | Engadget

Facebook is extending WhatsApp with shopping features. While WhatsApp has had cataloge features in the past, they appear to be limited to that what Facebook’s now previewing. It’s not yet clear, how the system works, but it could be something along these lines: A user messages a business The business replys with a link to […]

WhatsApp Phone Numbers Pop Up in Google Search Results — But is it a Bug? | Threatpost

The WhatsApp feature “Click to Chat” exposes mobile phone numbers on the web and Google’s search engine is able to index them. You can try it using the search string “+43” The phone numbers are simply as part of an URL string (<phone_number>) and available in plaintext. Facebook claims that this not a bug: […]

Instagram changes embedding API ToS

In an surprising announcement, Instagram stated that the platform does not provide users the copyright license to embed images to other websites: While our terms allow us to grant a sub-license, we do not grant one for our embeds API. Our platform policies require third parties to have the necessary rights from applicable rights holders. […]

Facebook cancels physical events through June 2021(!)

Facebook canceled all physical events with more than 5o people through June 2021. They will replace some of them with virtual events, but Mark Zuckerberg didn’t provide further details in his post. This outlook is certainly a bit grim since Facebook could set an example for the IT business. We might see other tech organizers […]

Der mobile IKANGAI Newsletter Service im Vergleich mit WhatsApp

Mobile Newsletter über Plattformen wie WhatsApp oder FB Messenger zu versenden, erfreuet sich enormer Beliebtheit bei vielen Unternehmen, insbesondere im Medienbereich. Allerdings schiebt WhatsApp Newslettern mit Dezember einen Riegel vor. Also höchste Zeit, um sich nach Alternativen umzusehen. Im Folgenden vergleichen wir WhatsApp Newsletter mit der mobilen Newsletter Lösung von IKANGAI. WhatsApp Newsletter IKANGAI Mobile […]

Why your App is no replacement for WhatsApp newsletters

The WhatsApp newsletter ban has huge impact on businesses. While some businesses will just abandon their WhatsApp audience, others will try to convert users into their apps. This might work for some users, but there are several reasons this might not work very well: Users value the WhatsApp newsletter style. It gives them quick access […]

Fünf Gründe warum Sie Ihre WhatsApp-Newsletter-User nicht aufgeben sollten

Nachdem WhatsApp die Newsletter-Dienste mit Dezember untersagt, sehen sich Unternehmen mit einer schwierigen Entscheidung konfrontiert. Was tun mit den WhatsApp-Newsletter-Usern? Einige Unternehmen werden einfach nur sprichwörtlich mit den Schultern zucken und zu einer anderen Social-Media-Plattform wechseln. Aber Ihre WhatsApp-Newsletter-User sind besonders: sie bevorzugen eine komprimierte Infoübersicht und schätzen den direkten Zugriff auf Informationen und Services. […]