What is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an important metric to measure long-term growth. It is a measure of the customer’s lifetime value to your company. According to a 2018 Criteo survey, 81% said monitoring CLV could increase sales. 68% believed that CLV data can boost retention, and 56% believed that it drives customer loyalty. CLV allows […]


Neuer Kunde Intensivstation.Jetzt

Wir freuen uns als Kunde begrüßen zu dürfen. Das ist gerade jetzt besonders wichtig, da durch die Corona-Pandemie die Arbeit auf Intensivstationen in das öffentliche Blickfeld geraten ist. bietet dazu ein breites Spektrum an Informationen an. Für medizinische Laien werden komplexe Sachverhalte verständlich dargestellt und fachkundige Leser finden weiterführende Literatur zu aktuellen Studien […]


Hey Siri, call a BOX!

Voice Interfaces are improving every year and voice assistants are becoming more powerful every year. Since Apple introduced Siri in 2011, companies likes Amazon and Google have followed suit with Alexa and Google Assistant. We’ve recently extened the qonnect platform with a deep integration of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. With the qonnect platform, we’re […]


Vorstellung von #TurnOnVPN als neuer Kunde

Wir freuen uns #TurnOnVPN als neuen Kunden für unser Produkt qBlog bekannt zu geben. #TurnOnVPN ist eine Interessenvertretung für Cybersicherheit, die sich auf ein freies und ungehindertes Internet für alle konzentriert. Ihre Mission ist es, Benutzern zu helfen, ihr Internet mit VPN zurückzugewinnen, die Kontrolle darüber zu behalten, was sie sehen und wer sie sieht. […]


Omnichannel is where the customers are

Many businesses don’t realize that their customers are more advanced in terms of tech use than they (businesses) think. They use all kinds of communication and information channels at once: apps, blogs, email, chats, podcasts, social media, digital assistants. However, when I talk with businesses I often hear that such and such technology is certainly […]

Creating Trust in Your AI System

Seemingly not a day goes by without a major brand claiming that they have included AI into their existing services to optimize their customer experience. Of course, one of the reasons for businesses is simply to cut costs by automating people away, but that’s a story for another article. Today, we focus on the issues […]

Tesco Go comming?

British chain Tesco is apparently working on developing convenience stores that work similar like Amazon Go: people can just walk in, put items into their bags and leave. Akin to Amazon Go payment happens automatically after they left the store. This was reported by The Telegraph that furthermore claims that Tesco is working with Israeli […]

What do customers want from your business?

I’ll give you the answer right away: convenience. What is striking, it’s difficult for businesses to see their services with the eyes of their customers. There’s a huge gap in what businesses concieve as important and what customers think is important. It often starts at right the top: executives have no idea how their services […]

Lush connects online and offline

Lush’s new flagship store in Tokyo is a good example how online and offline commerce can be connected. For example, the Lush app offers services that give customers information about “naked products” when they are scanned. The app recognises objects from the store, looks up information and presents them to the customer in several languages. […]

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

Recent studies in the US [1,2] emphasize the importance of mobile for retail. The numbers speak for themselves: 61% of online purchases were made via mobile 60% of consumers shopped via a mobile app If you think about it for a minute it makes absolutely sense: people use their mobile all the time. If your […]