Use Your Voice

Voice interfaces have been around for quite some time now. It started in the early 1950s with “Audrey” that could recognize numbers. Over the years, systems became more and more powerful, and in 2011 Apple brought Siri to the mobile phone mass market. A short and incomplete history In the history of voice interfaces, there […]


Why does software need maintanence?

This post is from Oliver Dixon and originally appeared on the Polydelic blog After delivering a fantastic platform, many folks think that’s it. Fraid not. You see, those platforms need to be maintained! But why? In the development world, the software is continually updating. Software is made of thousands of individual libraries and frameworks. Those […]


Mit KMU.DIGITAL zum geförderten Digitalisierungsprojekt

Das Förderprogramm KMU.DIGITAL fördert Ihr Digitalisierungsprojekt mit bis zu 9.000€ in insgesamt drei Stufen (Potentialanalyse, Strategieberatung, Umsetzung). Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer werden so schrittweise zu einer Digitalisierungsstrategie für den eigenen Betrieb herangeführt. Toolbox 1: Potentialanalyse – Was ändern? Mit der Potentialanalyse werden digitale Trends, Chancen und Risiken für das eigene Unternehmen systematisch analysiert. Diese Analyse stellt […]


Hiring a React Native Developer: What Should You Look For?

If you’re looking to hire a React Native developer, here are both the hard and soft skills you should be looking for. As of 2019, there were more than 204 billion mobile app downloads worldwide. Moreover, consumers spent over 23.4 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps across all platforms – and that’s in Q1 of […]


Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-Partnerschaft mit der snabble GmbH

Bonn, Leobendorf, 24.3.2021. Wir freuen uns, eine Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-Partnerschaft mit der snabble GmbH bekannt geben zu können. Snabble ist der Experte im Bereich des mobilen Self-Checkouts und verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen mit Kunden verschiedener Branchen – von Baumärkten über Drogeriemärkte hin zum Lebensmitteleinzelhandel. Namhafte Kunden wie IKEA, Edeka und toom konnte Snabble bereits von […]


Hey Siri, Morawa Bestseller

Sprachassistenten sind viel mehr als nur coole, oft weibliche Stimmen, die auf verbale Anfragen auf Smartphones oder über intelligente Lautsprecher reagieren. Sie sind ein Touchpoint mit Ihren Kunden. Für Apple User ist Siri die Sprachassistentin der Wahl: sie ist seit ihrer Einführung 2011 auf allen Apple-Smartphones vorinstalliert. Siri unterstützt benutzerdefinierte Befehle, so genannte Kurzbefehle. Mit […]


Will Progressive Web Apps Replace Native Apps?

App Stores are the means the distribute apps these days. They are well-known locations where users can find all those nice native apps. So, if you are running a business you should build an app and publish it on the App Store, right? The actual answer to that is a bit more nuanced. Of course, […]


Insights from the 2021 State of Consumer Behavior Report

Our partner Snabble is always looking for new approaches to optimize their Scan & Go platform. This is being done with two essential stakeholders in mind. First, the self-checkout experience should provide real value to our users. This includes, for example, saving time by avoiding the checkout line, a resulting relaxed shopping experience, and a […]


App as a Infrastructure

The Clubhouse hype has an interesting side effect: there are third parties popping up and offer services on top of the app. This trend has been observed by Dani Grant and Nick Grossman at Union Square Ventures several years ago. Their hypothesis in a nutshell: apps are there first and then comes the infrastructure. This […]

Live Music

Live Music on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has taken some of the online world in storm. The hype started last year in the US and has now reached Europe. Fueled by stories of celebrities like Elon Musk that held court on the platform and an invitation-only registration policy for the platform, people were eager to get in. There are many business […]