Proximity Chat

During the pandemic we’ve gotten used to a primarily virtual social and work life. Meetings take place on platforms like Zoom or Jitsi and are working reasonable well. Watching your coworker with a video-stream is surprisingly effective and generates a kind of remote closeness. Online workouts do not involve sharing the same sweatty gym and […]

Smart City Projekt XP

Im ITEA Projekt XP (Ephemeral Computing Service Plattform) wird eine digitale Plattform für Bürgerinnen und Bürger entwickelt. Eines der Hauptziele des Projektes ist die Einbindung von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern als aktive Beteiligte um die Plattform mitzugestalten. Dazu werden eigene (“No-Code”) Tools entwickelt um Services bzw. Apps auf der Plattform zu veröffentlichen. Diese Tools erfordern keinerlei […]

YouTube introduces audio ads

Google is moving into the audio ad territory on Youtube. This is particularly notable, since there are more than 2 billion monthly music listeners on YouTube, according to the company. The competion pales in comparison: Spotify, by contrast, reaches 185 million monthly users. Audio is actually where the money is: Internet audio advertising revenue reached […]

Move Over, Zoom—Voice Memos Are the Real Way to Stay in Touch | WIRED

The ongoing Covid pandemic stretches us to our limits. During the last months, many of us have been quarantining or (self-)isolating and working from home. The Aspen Institute has studied the effects and published several reports with the telling titles: “Lessons in Loneliness” and “Artificial Intimacy.” Bascially, there is no one size fits all technical […]

What we learned from dogfooding call a BOX

Google used the term dogfooding (“eating your own dogfood”) in 2009 to describe the practice of an organization using its own product. We did recently a very similar thing with call a BOX, a self-storage service. After we finished the implementation of the webapge and the progressive web app for our customer, we simply used […]

LAL – Little Activity Language

lal is a lightweight Service composition and execution language that is tailored towards the requirements of mobile infrastructures. lal has a considerable small set of abstractions that are easy to understand for people – in comparison with workflow languages like BPEL or YAWL. The latter are used to specify each step that is necessary towards […]

How to Take Your Small Business Online –

Why should you create a website for your small business? Whether your small business is well-established, just starting out, or somewhere in between, having a dedicated online presence is a must. Why is this such a necessity? Consider these statistics: Essentially, consumers spend tons of time online, and much of their activity revolves around researching […]

Call a BOX

Call a BOX ist jetzt live und online. Das neue innovative Self-Storagesystem unserer Kunden MediaPrint und Wenzel Logistics wurde nach einer Testphase offiziell gelaunched. Wir von IKANGAI haben die App und die Website entwickelt und implementiert. Call a BOX verwendet den modernen Progressive-Web-App-Technologie-Stack, der Benutzer nahtlos von der Webseite in die App führt. Dazu haben […]

WhatsApp will let you shop directly from chats | Engadget

Facebook is extending WhatsApp with shopping features. While WhatsApp has had cataloge features in the past, they appear to be limited to that what Facebook’s now previewing. It’s not yet clear, how the system works, but it could be something along these lines: A user messages a business The business replys with a link to […]