No, FaceApp Isn’t Sending All Your Photos to Russia, But It Shows Why Tech Companies Have a Very Real Trust Problem

A now deleted tweet by a developer triggered a number of blog posts and articles claiming that Russians were involved (FaceApp’s developers are based in Russia), and that the app was uploading your photos to servers in countries that you’d rather not like to see your data stored. This is a reminder how trust is […]

Why your App is no replacement for WhatsApp newsletters

The WhatsApp newsletter ban has huge impact on businesses. While some businesses will just abandon their WhatsApp audience, others will try to convert users into their apps. This might work for some users, but there are several reasons this might not work very well: Users value the WhatsApp newsletter style. It gives them quick access […]

Fünf Gründe warum Sie Ihre WhatsApp-Newsletter-User nicht aufgeben sollten

Nachdem WhatsApp die Newsletter-Dienste mit Dezember untersagt, sehen sich Unternehmen mit einer schwierigen Entscheidung konfrontiert. Was tun mit den WhatsApp-Newsletter-Usern? Einige Unternehmen werden einfach nur sprichwörtlich mit den Schultern zucken und zu einer anderen Social-Media-Plattform wechseln. Aber Ihre WhatsApp-Newsletter-User sind besonders: sie bevorzugen eine komprimierte Infoübersicht und schätzen den direkten Zugriff auf Informationen und Services. […]

Activity-Centric Computing Systems | August 2019 | Communications of the ACM

The Activity Centric Computing paradigm adresses information management challenges that at the core of the application centric computing paradigm. Activity-Centric Computing Systems from CACM on Vimeo. Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels Source: Activity-Centric Computing Systems | August 2019 | Communications of the ACM

Summer Reads |

This year’s EDGE.ORG summer reading tips, consisting of the published books by members of the Edge community in the past year or so. Check it out! Source: Summer Reads | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Wie ersetzt man WhatsApp (from Facebook) Newsletter?

Die bevorstehende Umbennenung vom WhatsApp in WhatsApp from Facebook gibt die Richtung vor, in welche sich WhatsApp wohl in naher Zukunft entwicklen wird. Vieles deutet darauf hin, dass es eine gemeinsame Plattform geben wird. Über Änderungen an den AGBs und deren mögliche Auswirkungen kann nur spekuliert werden, aber es wird sicherlich Änderungen geben. Ein möglicher […]

How Digital Advertising Markets Really Work

How valuable is data for advertising? From the article: If a company that sells online ads can know what their readers are reading on other sites, then they can target the users based on that information when the user returns to their own site. For example, say Michael visits CNBC’s website in the mornings and […]

Introducing ACADRON

Our former SOLOMON colleague Özgün Algin has started his own ompany called ACADRON – The focus of ACADRON is project consulting and the management of innovative research and development projects. They have a network of innovative SMEs and industrial companies with strong R&D capabilities in the Information and Communication Technologies field. The company’s portfolio […]