How much does an app cost?

The answer is of course: “it depends”. This is certainly way too vague from a business perspective. To give you a ballpark estimation what app can cost, here’s a list of famous startups that got seed money to implement their ideas with apps: Uber: $200.000 Instagram: $500.000 Tinder: $485.000 Postmates: $750.000 Snap: 485.000$ Note that […]

Mark Zuckerberg on taking his massive workforce remote – The Verge

COVID-19 has changed the way we work – for some maybe even for good. Facebook was among the first big tech companies that canceled all physical meetings, not only for this year, but until 2021. Now, Mark Zuckerberg is contemplating that Facebook might become a largely remote working company within a decade or so. Their […]

Startups und Corona

Startup Insider liefert wöchentliche Infos als Podcast über die deutsche Startup- und Gründerszene. Zwei Episoden pro Woche lieferen Interessierten Inspirationen für Startups und Gründer. Dem Auftakt macht ein Podcast zum Thema Corona und wie Startups diese Krise meistern. Was sind die ersten Learnings aus der Krise? Welche Maßnahmen funktionieren und helfen jungen Unternehmen? Hier geht […]

Nearly a Million WP Sites Targeted in Large-Scale Attacks

If you have a WordPress page, you should check the status of your installtion right away. Because there was a massive attempt of a hacker group to capture more than 900.000 pages. Hackers tried to insert malicious JavaScript Code into WordPress pages that diverts visitors to manipulated webpages. They also scanned for admin logins to […]