Tweetflows Public Beta

December 10th, 2012 by Martin

Tweetflows are a special language that is used for crowd sourcing and workflows on mobile phones with Twitter as communication channel. We are conducting a public study with the help of our App q·.:Launcher which has integrated Tweetflow support and can filter Tweets for Tweetflow commands.
Tweetflow commands are published on our Twitter account: q·.:Launcher users that follow us on Twitter can use q·.:Launcher to automatically scan for Tweetflow commands in our Twitter timeline.
During our study we store data concerning the use of the Tweetflow language on our server. We publish the results regularly on our blog along with snapshots of the data that is stored. The data doesn’t contain any personal information: the data refers to the use (accept, ignore, reject or forward) of Tweetflows. We chose this approach, because otherwise the collection of the data (Tweetflow commands are available publicly anyway) is much more difficult to handle for us and would require additional overhead.