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mººDi – simplifies your life

  • Share your mººD with friends in one click.
  • No painstaking writing, mººDicons do the job for you.
  • Enjoy simple status updates from your friends.
  • Select from a wide range of funny mººDigramms.
  • Customize your mººDigramms with your own words.
  • Easy managing of notifications for each of your friends.
  • Tweet your mººDi Updates, if you feel chatty.
  • Find your friends on the map.

mººDi respects your privacy and does not and will not save any personal information.

Check out our FAQ section here.

3 Tips to get the best out of m°°Di:

  • Keep the number of your m°°Di friends small.
    m°°Di was created especially for your close circle of friends. The ones you have most contact with. As studies show, these numbers are 5 to 10 people.
  • Turn off notifications for people who are not too particularly close to you.
    If you are getting more m°°Di friends than anticipated, but you don’t want to “delete” any of them, just turn off their notifications. Now you can still see them but you will not get any notifications if they change their status.
  • Use requests to easily organize activities with your friends.
    Requests stand out from all m°°Dis. Place a request like “cinema tonight” and people can easily answer using the same m°°Di. In that way m°°Di becomes your mobile poll tool.




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