EventSeeker – Event Listing App

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Find the best parties and events in town (currently with focus on Vienna) as well as concerts and festivals in all of Austria automatically sorted by distance and time.

Find those events happening soonest and closest to your location (including map view) at a single glance. Powerful event filters help you to search for your favourite events.

  • What is happening in the vicinity?
  • Where do we go out tomorrow/on the weekend etc.?
  • How much is it and where can I get tickets?
  • When does it start?
  • Who is DJing?
  • Can I win tickets?


  • Find every party, concert and festival in Vienna and the surrounding areas.
  • Get all the details immediately, including map location.
  • Multiple filters that enable you to find your favourite events in an instant.
  • Edited and compiled event infos for you and accessible with just one tap of your finger:
    1. Location
    2. Ticket prize
    3. Ticket agencies
    4. Detailed infos
    5. Raffles and lotteries



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